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Easily create unique water color effects with this amazing gel product!

  • Effortlessly blend, melt and bloom our Gel Polish with Schmelt It
  • Create marble, smoke, blooming flowers and more!
  • Also available in Black and White

PLEASE NOTE: As clear based light cured products are much more sensitive, please store your bottle in a cool dark place.

Application Procedures
  1. Apply a coat of Clear Schmelt It over your finish filed enhancement, or over your desired color of Gel Polish or Color Gel - do not cure!
  2. Using your chosen contrasting color of Ugly Duckling Gel Polish, begin to paint your design into the wet layer of Schmelt It.
  3. Once you've painted your design and you're happy with it, cure in the Ugly Duckling LED Lamp for 60 seconds.
  4. Seal with your choice of Ugly Duckling Top Coat and cure for 60 seconds.
Q: Can I use any colored gel with Schmelt It?
A: Gel Polish works the best with Schmelt It due to its viscosity. Using something thicker in viscosity may not achieve the "schmelted" look as it will not spread and disperse as easily in the uncured Schmelt It.

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