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Would you like to try our products, but not ready to make a big investment? This kit will allow you plenty of product to do a couple of new sets, or a few fills. Our Premium Acrylic system won NAILPRO Reader's Choice 2021 for Best Acrylic System!


  • 30ml Traditional Acrylic Liquid
  • 7gm each Clear, Pink, White and Fufu Powders
  • 11 Premium Forms
  • Prep 7ml
  • Primer 7ml

This product cannot be shipped to a PO Box. Dangerous Goods - Air Shipments - additional shipping fees may apply to this item.


Application Procedures
  1. Have your client thoroughly wash & dry their hands. Lightly push back the proximal fold with our Ugly Duckling Cuticle Tool or C-Curve Tool.
  2. Gently Etch the nail plate with our Ugly Duckling Medium Zebra File. If you prefer using our e-file, a Medium Arbor Sanding Band works great!
  3. Remove all dust. Do not use a cleanser that contains oil.
  4. Apply Ugly Duckling Prep to all 10 nails.
  5. Apply Ugly Duckling Primer to all 10 nails. (If you are applying Premium Fit Tips: apply Primer after applying the tips.)
  6. Apply Ugly Duckling Premium Fit Tips or Forms.
  7. Using your favorite Ugly Duckling Acrylic Brush, Premium Liquid and Premium Acrylic Powder pick up a pearl of product. Apply the 1st pearl at the natural free edge. Begin to press out the product ensuring the natural nail (or tip) is covered from side wall to side wall.
  8. Apply the 2nd pearl at the cuticle area. Do not build your apex at this point, ensuring that the first 2 pearls are set for a perfect pinch. Tilting the client's finger downward when applying the cuticle pearl will help pull the product towards the stress area. This will aid in building your apex, as well as prevent flooding of the cuticle area.
  9. Once the acrylic turns from shiny to matte, use the Ugly Duckling C-Curve Tool to begin gently pinching the acrylic. Be sure to hold the C-Curve Tool parallel with the natural nail, focusing the pressure on the widest part of the nail: the stress area.
  10. Remove the form (if you're not using Tips) and continue to pinch using the Crystal C-Curve Rods to form a uniform c-curve. Hold the pinch until the nail has set. Sculpt your apex.
  11. Finish file the nail with an Ugly Duckling Coarse or Medium grit Zebra File. If you prefer an e-file, a Medium grit arbor sanding band works great!
  12. Buff the nail with an Ugly Duckling Coarse or Medium Buffer and remove all traces of dust with a dust brush, or have your client wash their hands thoroughly.
  13. Finish the nail with Ugly Duckling Gel Polish, or seal it with your choice of Tacky Top, No Wipe or Matte Top Coat.
Q: What is the product ratio of your Premium Acrylic system?
A: Our Premium Acrylic Liquid and Powders have a 2:1 product ratio. This means it works best with a 2 parts Liquid to 1 part Powder.

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