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Everything you need to create beautiful acrygel nails in one convenient kit.
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Everything you need to create beautiful acrygel nails in one convenient kit.

  • 60ml each Velveteen Acrygel Clear, Fufu, Pink and White
  • Prep 7ml x 2
  • Primer 7ml x 2
  • Premium Crystal Velveteen Brush - Silver
  • Velveteen Slider
  • 100ml Gel Cleanse
  • Crystal Dappen Dish Set
  • Premium Fit Tips 500pk    
  • 15ml Brush-on Glue
  • 6pk Ugly Duckling Premium Zebra Files and Buffers

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Application Procedures
  1. Have your client thoroughly wash & dry their hands. Lightly push back the proximal fold with our Ugly Duckling Cuticle Tool or C-Curve Tool.
  2. Gently Etch the nail plate with our Ugly Duckling Medium Zebra File. If you prefer using our e-file, a Medium Arbor Sanding Band works great!
  3. Remove all dust. Do not use a cleanser that contains oil.
  4. Apply Ugly Duckling Prep to all 10 nails.
  5. Apply Ugly Duckling Premium Fit Tips.
  6. Apply Ugly Duckling Primer to all 10 nails.
  7. Squeeze the desired amount of Velveteen from the tube, slice with the spatula side of the Velveteen Brush and transfer to the nail.
  8. Lightly moisten the Velveteen Brush with Ugly Duckling Gel Cleanse. Press, pat and smooth the Velveteen in to place. Note: The Gel Cleanse is simply to keep your brush from sticking to the Acrygel, and not to be used like a monomer.
  9. Apply 4 nails, and cure 60-90 seconds in your Ugly Duckling LED Lamp. Cure time will depend on product thickness. Apply both thumbs and cure.
  10. Finish file the nail with an Ugly Duckling Coarse or Medium grit Zebra File. If you prefer an e-file, a Medium grit arbor sanding band works great!
  11. Buff the nail with an Ugly Duckling Coarse or Medium Buffer and remove all traces of dust with a dust brush, or have your client wash their hands thoroughly.
  12. Finish the nail with Ugly Duckling Gel Polish, or seal it with your choice of Tacky Top, No Wipe or Matte Top Coat.
Q: I notice my nails lift sometimes when using Fufu. Is there something I can do to help this?
A: Its always suggested to apply a thin layer of clear sculpting gel or Build-A-Base in Clear to the nail and fully curing (60 seconds in the UD LED Gel Lamp) prior to using Fufu, White or Pink Acrygel. This helps with added adhesion as the acrygel will bond to the exisiting thin layer of clear Natural Base or Build-A-Base.

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