AMY - Amy and Christina graduated nail school together in 2007. Amy has a reputation for perfectly structured nails. She loves hiking, good movies and her cats (maybe more than her husband Ben? ;-) Amy manages our office and is always happy to offer you support. She has a witty sense of humor and will never hesitate to remind us “it’s fine”. You can follow her on Instagram @amyduclosnails , and Facebook “Amy Duclos Nails”.


CHRYSTACLE (aka CHRISTINA) - As Ugly Ducklings Master Educator, Christina makes learning fun. Her warm and cheerful personality and her skill with the brush make for a winning combination. She was introduced to the nail industry in January of 2007. The local Victoria Beauty College recognized Christina's natural attributes, and she started teaching very soon after graduating from the nail program. Within a year of attending her first Academy, Christina had achieved her “Elite” training certificate. By 2009, Christina was a certified International Educator, and had opened a salon and training center. She has worked many tradeshows, taught many experienced nail techs, and has written published articles. Although Christina is recognized for her perfect French, her skills encompass all nail mediums, including acrylic, art, 3D, and gel. Many nail techs throughout Canada consider Christina to be a key element in their success. Christina recognizes the importance of education, and continues her growth by training with some of the worlds most renowned artists. You can follow her on Instagram @chrystacle , and Facebook “Chrystacle Does Nails”

KENT - Kent wears many hats (literally and figuratively).  He is our Production Manager, errand boy, janitor and maintenance crew. A very important member that keeps all the systems running. Always willing to serve. A former firefighter and competitive bodybuilder, the “strong but not so silent type”.


MARSHA - @artisticnailsbymarsha Marsha is a gifted "self-taught" nail tech from Jamaica. Her unique style is a very welcome addition to our team!



NATASHA - Born in Halifax, but raised in Victoria, Natasha was introduced to the nail industry in September of 2007, a graduate of Christina’s first class. With Natasha's charming enthusiasm, talent, and obsession of nails, it was only natural that she and a partner open (the successful and much talked about), Shabby Chic Nail Studio in 2010. When asked what her hobbies are, Tasha replied “nails (lol), watching nail tutorials, making nail tutorials, nails... and more nails ;) In 2011, Natasha completed her first Educator Training. In 2014, she recertified as an Educator, receiving top honors in the class. An avid competitor and “social networker”, Natasha has been featured in Nails Magazine, and has a large following on Facebook “Natasha Does Nails”, Instagram “@natashaharton” and youtube.com/natashahartonnails.


PRISCILLA and VANESSA - Recognized Internationally for their artistic skills with gel polish, we at Ugly Duckling feel so blessed to have Sisters Priscilla and Vanessa , the amazingly talented team of @home_of_deva , as part of our family. Born of Dutch decent, Priscilla in Paramaribo, Suriname (where the sisters now reside), and Vanessa in St. Laurent Du Maroni in French Guiana (in the car on the way to the hospital). Vanessa is a married mother of 3 boys.  She attended beauty school in Holland over 13 years ago, and is a salon owner. You can follow them on Instagram @home_of_deva , and Facebook “Priscilla Van Uden”

Here is Priscillas inspirational story:

I actually studied International Business & Management in the Netherlands and have a Master Degree in Business. Unfortunately, in my country, I realized after many years in the business world that I wasn’t ever going to earn what I should be earning. I spent most of my salary helping to feed, spay and neuter stray dogs and cats. I needed to earn more to be able to do this on a larger scale. My 2 sisters both had a salon and mentioned that they could use some help. They taught me how to do nails. We started small with just me and another girl doing nails. I wanted to quit after just one month. I just didn’t think I would ever be able to even polish someone’s nails. I was horrible. Shaping and prepping of the nails was my thing when I started. But, I kept practicing (day and night) and started to actually enjoy it. After 1 year we had 4 people working for us, and about a year and a half ago it was 8. We were fully booked and couldn’t accept any new customers. Our customers booked ahead for the entire year. I was able to help hundreds of animals during this time and found homes for the majority of them. Right now I have 7 cats and 2 dogs and still feed strays in my neighborhood daily. Unfortunately, in 2016 our economy collapsed and our nail business became a luxury that only a few could afford. We had to downsize and I have pretty much given up hope that it will get better anytime soon. The future in Suriname does not look promising at all. I still suck at polishing regular polish so I prefer to do manicures with gel polish. I love drawing cartoons on nails. Especially the Disney characters. It is always a challenge to make sure that they end up looking like the actual character and to make sure it all fits on a nail.”

QUETEL - "Q"  - With 18 years in the beauty industry, nail specialist Valyn ‘Quetel’ Deveaux, better known as ‘Q’ has amassed a loyal clientele, with many more seeking to grace her chair. For these individuals, it is not just the cutting-edge nail artistry, soothing ambience, and the amazing service that she provides, but it is also the spontaneous good counsel that she often unleashes.  She has become a sought after motivational voice, because her passion for purpose and people are quite evident. Quetel is a nail artist extraordinaire, a consummate professional, and a giving soul, but her most prized accomplishment is the relationship that she has with her Father in Heaven.  She speaks passionately about His many blessings, including her supportive and loving husband, four beautiful kids, and close family bond. Considered one of the best in not just The Bahamas, but the world, Quetel’s positive outlook on life and motivational conversation, makes those nail sessions go by too quickly. The demand for her stellar service, attention to detail, and ‘no-nonsense’ approach to excellence, makes ‘Q’ a house-hold name, and with the great passion that she displays in her work, the best is yet to come!

WENDY - Wendy is an artist and is responsible for all the fine details of the business, like packing your thank you bags with love. After retiring from Greyhound Express, Wendy joined us in shipping and receiving. She has a passion for art, gardening and travel.



YVONNE - In 1978 Yvonne began her career as a self-employed, virtually self-taught nail tech while still attending high school. She has worked in all aspects of the industry from home-based, chair rental, salon owner, distributor and manufacturer, and founded several businesses.  Yvonne is also recognized for her contributions in the Nail Industry as a competitor, International judge and qualified educator. She has many published articles and photos over the years. She opened the first of her salons in 1983, giving Vancouver Island it’s first “nails only” salon. Yvonne has seen the birth of every nail company and magazine that exists in the industry today. Yvonne has trained with the best in the industry, and is privileged to have many of them among her friends. The mastermind behind Ugly Duckling, her true passion is helping others to fulfill their dreams. Yvonne loves her animals, gardening and a multitude of hobbies.


BELLAH(The Dog)  - For the Ugly Duckling team, an office is not an office without a little animal life!  Bellah joined us late 2015.  She was rescued from a “high-kill” animal shelter in California. Found as a fearful little “bag of skin and bones”, she’s now a chubby little cuddler. Still a cautious girl, once she knows you, she would defend you with her life!


SOPHIE(The Cat)  - An adorable "Scottish Fold". If Amy was to pick favorites - Sophie would be hers!  We value Sophies life, so (much to Amy's chagrin) she only gets to join in when Bellah isn't in the office :-(


RYLEY(The Dog)  In Memorium
Ryley is remembered fondly as the first office “mascot”. She started each day by doing her rounds saying good morning to staff and students. Her willing demeanor and eagerness for a cuddle will always be missed.