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cruelty free, vegan friendly products

Don't worry about lost embellishments with our Schtik It!

  • Specifically formulated to securely hold embellishments in place
  • Removes easily with cuticle nippers or soaking *soaking times vary*
  • Apply to the inhibition layer of cured gel polish or over a finish filed enhancement
  • Cures with inhibition layer
  • Cures crystal clear
PLEASE NOTE: If your Schtik It gets cold in transit it may get very thick and crystallize. Just place your pot in a mug of pre-boiled water, let it sit for 5 -10 minutes and it will return to normal. No bad side effects! *click to see our video on how to do this!*

Application Procedures
  1. Using the dotting tool end of the Ugly Duckling Blinger, pick up a pearl of Schtik It and apply to the nail. The amount of Schtik It you use will depend on the amount of embellishments being added. Do not cure until all of your crystals are in place. If you are working in sections, make sure all applied Schtik It has crystals/beads applied to it before curing and moving to the next section.
  2. Using the wax tip end of the Blinger, pick up embellishments (stones, beads, pearls, etc.) and lightly press into the uncured Schtik It.
  3. Once embellishments are in place, cure in the Ugly Duckling LED Lamp for 60 seconds (120 seconds in a UV lamp).
  4. Using a Detailer Brush, apply No Wipe Top Coat to the exposed Schhtik It and over any pearls/beads to avoid any loss of color, being careful not to apply completely over the rhinestones.
  5. Seal the rest of the nail with your Ugly Duckling Top Coat of choice and fully cure for 60 seconds in the Ugly Duckling LED Lamp.
Q: My Schtik It appears cloudy, gritty and stiff. Has it gone bad?
A: Great news! Schtik It (much like the rest of us) isn't a fan of cold weather. Schtik It can become cold during transit, or even in an air conditioned room which will turn it from it's "normal" translucent, gel like consistency to a solid, cloudy, gritty texture. This is an easy fix! Simply close the lid on your Schtik It and let it soak in a mug of boiled water for 5-10 minutes. This will bring the gel back to its normal state without any adverse effects.

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