6 Festive Color Combos to INSPIRE!

Posted by Natasha Harton on

And just like that, the Holidays are upon us! We've compiled 6 festive color palettes that are sure to inspire you (and your clients!) this holiday season.

MONOCHROME SNOW: Create a "non traditional" holiday look by selecting 5 shades of one color to create a gradient mani. Then using the corresponding color, hand paint snowflakes in different shapes and sizes, cure and cleanse. Voila! These are sure to be an instant classic.


THE NUTCRACKER: Did you know? The nutcracker is a traditional German symbol of good luck and is meant to protect your home. They were often given as gifts and at some point they became associated with Christmas. Bring luck to your client with these nutcracker inspired colors!


ICE QUEEN: These crystal nails by UD Master Educator @natashaharton are giving us major Ice Queen vibes! Create an icy set with these blue hues, then amp it up with our Clear As Mud Crystals in White Opal and Crystal & our Silver Caviar Beads! 


OH CHRISTMAS TREE: Deck the halls.. uh, we mean nails with these traditional Christmas shades - with a twist! Sparkly red, silver, green and gold match perfectly with a cream-based green to mimic your beautifully decorated Christmas tree.  


CHRISTMAS PLAID: There's something about plaid that just feels like Christmas, y'know? Disney Queen @home_of_deva creates this super sweet snowman Mickey set with a plaid twist! Plaid is a great pattern for a whole set, or as a feature nail for those who may not be as adventurous. Pair with a gold glitter and crystal accents to add even more festive flair.

OPULENT CHRISTMAS: For those who may want to be subtly-festive, we put together some deep, rich jewel tones with a touch of silver sparkle. 

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