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This set contains our beautiful, double-ended, crystal enhanced C-Curve Rod set and a C-Curve Cuticle Tool. 6 assorted sizes of rods.

HOW TO USE: Before the nail is fully set, pinch the sidewalls with the C-Curve tool to create a slim nail. Use the appropriate size rod on the underside of the nail to create a perfectly uniform c-curve every time!

Q: Is it safe to pinch nails?
A: Pinching nails should only be done gently, carefully and by those who have been trained to do so. Pinching should cause no pain to the client and is intended to gently slenderize the nail if needed, and to help create a strong c-curve for added strength to the enhancement. When pinching nails, the pressure of the c-curve tool should never be completely applied to the nail as this can be too aggressive and could lead to nail plate damage and discomfort to the client.
Q: How do I user the c-curve rods?
A: Excellect question, Duckling! C-curve rods are to be used just after you have lightly pinched with the c-curve tool. To find the correct size of c-curve rod simply match the width of the end of the rod to the clients cuticle area. Then remove the form before placing the rod under the setting acrylic nail and pinch the nail around the rod to create an even, uniform c-curve nail.

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