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Q: My gel polish is wrinkling after I cure it. What happened?
A: Wrinkling or rippling of the gel polish is a tell-tale sign that the product was most likely applied too generously or the product was flash-cured between coats rather than a full cure (60 seconds in the Ugly Duckling LED Gel Lamp) or a combination of both scenarios. It's also possible if you aren't using a UD Gel Lamp, that the lamp you are using is not compatible with our product(s).
Q: Why aren't the thumbs curing?!
A: Thumbs can be tricky, as hard as we try to guide our clients while they are going into the light, we can't always trust that their hand placement is correct. Incorrect hand placement inside the lamp is typically the reason why only part of the thumb nail (the part facing upwards to the top of the lamp cures fine, but the half of the nail facing down toward the base does not. This is because that part of the nail did not receive adequate exposure to the curing light. To avoid this being an issue, some artists choose to cure their clients' thumbs separately (you can remove the base of our LED lamp(s) to ensure the light is directly over their thumb nails) to avoid any curing issues.
Q: Do I need to apply a gel base prior to gel polish application over enhancements (acrylic, sculpting gel, acrygel or Build-A-Base).
A: No, you don't! We actually don't recommend it. Simply finish file and very lightly buff if you feel it is needed. Then remove the dust (or have your client wash and dry their hands thoroughly) and jump right into gel polish application!

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