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500pk Asst'd
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Ugly Duckling's Premium crystal clear tips are made with the finest quality plastic. Completely transparent with no risk of splitting or shattering.

  • Well-less
  • 100% pure ABS plastic
  • Superior strength & durability
  • Elegant, tapered square shape
  • Beautiful, deep c-curve adds strength
  • Use our Brush-On Glue to easily adhere these tips

Application Procedures
  1. Have your client thoroughly wash & dry their hands. This will help remove any oils, lotions, etc. Gently push back the proximal fold with our Ugly Duckling Cuticle Tool or C-Curve Tool. Choose the tip size that best fits the nail bed. It is always better to choose your tip slightly larger instead of slightly smaller. If the tip is a little large (extending beyond the sidewalls), you can simply customize it by using your Ugly Duckling Fine Zebra File to file the outer sidewall of the tip, towards the smile-line.
  2. Apply a thin line of Ugly Duckling Brush On Glue to the underside of the smile-line, position the tip just below the free edge of the natural nail, and hold in place on the nail plate until set. Setting time will vary depending on temperature and humidity. With your C-curve tool, gently squeeze the corners of the tip.
  3. When all 10 tips are applied, use a tip cutter or sharp pair of curved manicure scissors to cut the tip to the desired length.
  4. Remove the shine from the Premium Fit Tips with a Medium grit Premium Zebra File or with a Medium grit Arbor Sanding Band and your e-file. Remove all dust and proceed with application of Prep and Primer to all 10 nail plates.
Q: What are these tips made out of?
A:Ugly Duckling's Premium crystal clear tips are made with the finest quality ABS plastic. Completely transparent with no risk of splitting or shattering.

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