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PLEASE NOTE:  If you have purchased our Tipeez in the past, you will notice that we have altered the mold and numbers slightly.  This has allowed us to incorporate a larger tip, and more variety in the sizing.  However, if you are looking to replace a certain size of tips purchased prior to May 25,2020, then you will need to visit our Clearance section, where we are offering 50pk refills at 15% off.

  • Available in Tapered Square & Pointed Almond
  • Use our Tipeez clamp for a secure hold while curing
  • Great option for a "speed set" so you have more time for nail art!
  • Easy to size, easy to apply
  • Approximate total length: 32mm
Application Procedures
  1. Have your client thoroughly wash & dry their hands. This will help remove any oils, lotions, etc. Gently push back the proximal fold with our Ugly Duckling Cuticle Tool or C-Curve Tool. Choose the tip size that best fits the nail bed. To properly fit a Tipeez Tip, be sure the sidewalls of the tip are completely covering the natural nail from sidewall to sidewall, and that the tip makes contact with the natural nail without force. It is better to go up a size and customize the cuticle area and sidewalls than select a tip that is too small. A tip that is too smal can run the risk of causing Onycholysis or separation of the tip from the nail plate, and can be uncomfortable for the client.
  2. Remove the shine from the underside of the tip. To do so, we recommend using a Medium grit Arbor Sanding Band and your e-file. This only needs to be done where the top makes contact with the nail plate. For smaller tips we suggest a medium grit hand file or coarse buffer.
  3. Apply Prep to the clean, etched nail plates. Prep will evaporate leaving the nail with a chalky appearance.
  4. Apply Primer to the nail plates.
  5. Scrub on a thin layer of Build-A-Base, Natural Base or Sculpting Gel to the etched area on the underside of the Tipeez Tip. Do not cure. Apply a small amount of Build-A-Base, Natural Base or Sculpting Gel to the underside of the Tipeez Tip. Do not cure. (we suggest doing this one-by-one)
  6. Gently "roll" the Tipeez Tip on from the clients cuticle area toward the free edge. Doing this will gently push the product applied on the underside of the tip forward. Once the tip is applied and there is full contact with the product and natural nail, flash cure in place using our Gooseneck LED Light for 15-20 seconds.If any excess product as pushed out past the natural free edge, gently blend/remove exess with your Ugly Duckling Premium Gel Brush before proceeding to next step.
  7. After flash curing, move clients hand into the Ugly Duckling LED Gel Lamp for a full cure. Cure for 60 seconds.
  8. Repeat steps 6 & 7 until all 10 nails have been applied.
  9. If needed, gently file around sidewalls & proximal fold (cuticle area) to blend tip/product. Remove shine from Tipeez Tip with a Medium grit Premium Buffer and remove any dust.
  10. Finish Tipeez Tips with your choice of Gel Polish or Color Gel and your choice of Ugly Duckling Top Coat(s).
Q: What should I use to apply my Tipeez Tips to the nail plate?
A: We suggest our Build-A-Base, Natural Base or Sculpting Gel and flash curing with our Gooseneck light to apply our Tipeez. After flash curing, place in the Ugly Duckling LED Gel Lamp for a full cure of 60 seconds.
Q: Do I have to prep them in a special way before application?
A: You must remove the shine from the underside of the tip (where the tip will make contact with the nail plate) to ensure maximum adhesion. We suggest using a Medium grit Arbor Sanding Band and your e-file for best results.
Q: Can Tipeez be used to create press-on sets?
A: Absolutely! They're also great for creating display sets to feature in your salon or post online.

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