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About Us

At Ugly Duckling Nails Inc we are experienced nail techs, 100% Canadian owned and operated manufacturers of the finest quality professional nail products. We only sell to professionals, so you must register to shop. You will not find us on Amazon or Ebay.

If you are visiting our site for the first time, “welcome”. If you are an established customer, “thank you”.

Our goal at Ugly Duckling Nails Inc. is to make your life simpler.  Our on staff education team has a combined experience of over 65 years in the industry, and we are always available for your support. We will always do our very best to supply you with great products, affordable and competitive prices, and fast and friendly service.

At Ugly Duckling Nails Inc., our reputation is on your shoulders.

If your expectations have not been met, please tell us. We will endeavour to satisfy you.

You want us to be the best, and do the best for you. We want that too.

Communication is essential. Talk to us. We listen.

Talk with us. We advise.

Talk about us. We appreciate your support.

"Your success is our reward"

UD History

Ugly Duckling Nails was founded by Yvonne Duclos (aka Mother Duck) and officially hatched in April of 2016. As a highschool student in 1978, with the encouragement of her aunt, Yvonne mastered the art of sculptured nails. Her expertise grew as her skills and reputation launched her into a lifetime of everything nails including home-based business, chair rental, salon owner, distributor, manufacturer, competitor, International Judge, and qualified educator.


She has published articles and seen the birth of all nail companies and Nail magazines in the industry today. Yvonne's goal was to create a quality product that her Educators and salon users would be proud to use and display in their salons. The original plan was to distribute exclusively to Canadian salons, but overwhelming response and demand for the product brought the realisation that UD needed to be introduced to the International distribution arena. Within 6  years, UD has grown globally and developed meaningful relationships with many wonderful Distributors, Salons, Schools and proud users of Ugly Duckling Nail Products.


Ugly Duckling is proud to boast a team of over 100 years of combined industry experience, including head Educators Chrystacle, Natasha Harton, and Amy Duclos who are available full time in house. This means that we understand first hand how to provide our customers and family members the support they want and need. We put care, thought and love into everything we do. We have built the Ugly Duckling name to mean so much more than just a product line, but a family.


We truly mean

"Your Success is our Reward".

Our Family
CEO , Ugly Duckling Master Educator

Amy’s 15 years in the nail industry as an educator and salon owner, her experience working in home support, her eye for quality, all combined with her “get it done” personality are some of the many reasons that Amy is such an asset to lead our team.   Her work has been featured in Nails and Nailpro magazines, and she has competed and won nail competitions. All her accolades along with her overall outlook,  compliments our “helping people” philosophy, while her experience and keen eye will help her to maintain Ugly Ducklings place at the forefront of the industry. She loves hiking, good movies, her pets and her husband (not necessarily in that order). Amy has a witty sense of humor and will never hesitate to remind us “it’s fiiine". You can follow her on Instagram @amyduclosnails

Product & Education Manager
& Master Educator

As Ugly Ducklings Product, Education Manager and Master Educator, Chrystacle's  encouraging, cheerful personality and her skills make for a winning combination. She was introduced to the nail industry in January of 2007. The local Victoria Beauty College recognized Chrystacle's natural attributes, and she started teaching very soon after graduating from the nail program. Within a year of attending her first Academy, Chrystacle had achieved her “Elite” training certificate. By 2009, Chrystacle was a certified International Educator, and had opened a salon and training centre. She has worked many tradeshows, taught many experienced nail techs, and has written published articles. Although Chrystacle is recognized for her perfect French, her skills encompass all nail mediums, including acrylic, art, 3D, and gel. Her obsession with bling is reflected in her name.  Many nail techs throughout Canada consider Chrystacle to be a key element in their success. Chrystacle recognizes the importance of education, and continues her growth by training with some of the worlds most renowned artists. Her nails have been featured on the cover and in Nailpro and Nails magazines. You can follow her on Instagram @chrystacle , and Facebook “Chrystacle Does Nails”. For education inquiries please email

General Manager

Debbie is our quiet and consistently reliable office girl. We often jokingly ask her to “keep it down”. Always ready with (and for) a laugh, she is well familiar with the “runnings of a business”.Debbie has owned an insurance company, and a hotel/pub in Alberta. Grandma to 4, she goes above and beyond, and insists on bringing her yummy cooking to share.

Warehouse & Pouring

Doc was a physician for many years in China.  He moved to Canada with his wife Dori, and their 2 children, in pursuit of a good lifestyle with freedom of choice. A handyman, Docs happy place is building furniture and listening to music.  He gets quite excited when a good song comes on. He dreams of one day playing the violin with his son.

Inventory & Purchasing Manager

Dori has extensive experience in the manufacturing industry in China. She graduated in 2019 from Royal Roads University Master of Global Management program where she can utilize her skills, and her personal concern for the environment and our planet. Dori loves all kinds of sports, painting and cooking. She likes to experiment with cooking, and often brings creative foods to share.

Customer Relations Coordinator &
Ugly Duckling Master Educator

Ugly Duckling Master Educator Natasha is the first one to greet you with a happy “hello” when you walk through our door. She was born in Halifax, but raised in Victoria. Natasha was introduced to the nail industry in September of 2007, a graduate of Chrystacle’s first class. With Natasha's charming enthusiasm, talent, and obsession of nails, it was only natural that she and a partner open (the successful and much talked about), Shabby Chic Nail Studio in 2010. When asked what her hobbies are, Tasha replied “nails (lol), watching nail tutorials, making nail tutorials, nails... and more nails ;)"
In 2011, Natasha completed her first Educator Training. In 2014, she recertified as an Educator, receiving top honors in the class. Natasha’s sweet huggable personality has won many hearts. An encouraging and talented educator, she has also been an avid competitor that has graced the cover of Nailpro magazine, as well as being featured in both Nailpro and Nails Magazines. Recognized for her amazing artistic talents, Natasha loves social networking, and has a large following on Facebook “Natasha Does Nails”, Instagram “@natashaharton” and For education inquiries please email

Social Media Director &
Ugly Duckling Art Educator

Ugly Duckling Art Educator Priscilla is recognized Internationally for her artistic skills with gel polish. Originally from Paramaribo, Suriname, Priscilla now resides in Madrid, Spain. Priscilla has a Masters degree in Business. We all know her as being an absolute perfectionist, and amazing artist, and feel very fortunate to have her managing all our social media for us. A lover of animals, we would call her the "crazy cat lady", but it wouldn't cover all the animals she has rescued over the years. You can follow her on Instagram @home_of_deva , and Facebook “Priscilla Van Uden”.  For education inquiries please email


Wendy is an artist and is responsible for all the fine details of the business, like packing your thank you bags with love. After retiring from Greyhound Express, Wendy joined us in shipping and receiving. She has a passion for art, gardening and travel.

Warehouse & Shipping

 Danica is pretty “laid back”, but also a “get the job done” Mother of 3. She makes sure our packages get to you efficiently and safely. She might say she misses the benefits of working in a bakery, but we like to think she likes us more. She is a sports fanatic, and plays on both soccer and baseball teams. After burning off all that energy, she relaxes in her creativity with baking, sewing, and crafting. She enjoys making clothes so much that close friends have nicknamed her “grandma”.

Warehouse & Pouring

Dylan is a man of many talents. Officially his role is in our warehouse and pouring facility, but with his experience in the construction industry, he has also filled the role of “on staff handyman”.  Dylan's wife is a talented nail tech, and so not only is he familiar with the products, but he always sports a perfect manicure, and is always willing to let us test products on him!  Dylan has endless interests, and is always ready to fill us with random facts. He enjoys camping, beekeeping, costume making, adventuring around the island discovering new locations and abandoned places, audio books, Netflix, relaxing, and drinking lots of tea!

the French Bulldog

You can’t get much cuter than Amy’s little French Bulldog “Rosie Posie”! Always happy to greet everyone and anyone, loves cuddling, popcorn, and spending time with staff in the lunchroom (waiting for any morsel to “accidentally” drop on the floor). She’s practically perfect in every way even though she sometimes needs gentle reminders to “go pee pee outside”.

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