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Odorless acrylics work a little differently than Traditional, and there's a couple tricks that will make your life simpler! The monomer evaporates very slowly (hence the odorless).  You could have it sitting in an open dappen dish for days, and it will still be there (although you may not want to ;-) )

You need to work it quite dry, or it will run away on you.  You may notice that it looks dry on your brush, but by the time you place it on the nail, it is running away from you. Just clean your brush and dip back in the powder.

When you work with the product, it can tend to be slightly sticky. After cleaning your brush in the liquid, and wiping on your towel (while working your nail)  give it a quick dip in the powder to stop it sticking.

It will dry with a "tacky" layer.  You may even think it's not drying - but if you give it a tap with your brush handle, you will see that it is actually hard. To eliminate the tacky layer so that it files more like a traditional acrylic, just expose it to water. Your client can have a nice relaxing dip in a rose petal manicure bowl while you are working on the second hand, or you can send them to wash their hands after the acrylic is applied (before filing). 

 If you choose not to use the water, you will need to apply a little extra product to take in to account the removal of the tacky layer. It is softer than a traditional acrylic to file - making filing easy - but every bit as strong when it is fully cured. 

UV will have no impact on it, as it is air cured.

Use with Ugly Duckling acrylic powders.  We don’t recommend using it for Pink and Whites, as it is susceptible to discoloration.  To minimize discoloration, be sure not to wipe your brush in the same spot on the towel more than once.  Also minimize layering product on the nail as much as possible.  One ball application is ideal (we recommend applying from the cuticle to the free edge).

You can use it with coloured powders, combining the recommended techniques for the odorless liquid and colored powder application, however, we only recommend using it with clear based colored acrylics. Although you can not achieve the same detail with 3D, it is possible to create beautiful designs if you finish with the water treatment.


100ml and 250ml Bottles

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