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****Wonderful staff/company to deal with via online ordering (I'm in New Zealand) I'm very happy with the product I purchased and can't wait get more. Thank you!!!!  -JERILEE FAIR (facebook review)    

*****Best experience I've ever had. Came here for the GetBuffed with Sarah Elmaz. What an amazing group of people!     -JESSICA FOSBERG  (facebook review)

*****The gel polish is the BOMB!!! The customer service is amazing, shipping is fast and the girls are fun, down to earth and knowledgable, What more can I say.            -KRISTINE AMBEAU  (facebook review)

*****The best of the best! Christina, Natasha & Yvonne are very supportive and they give you the boost you need! They are very personable and knowledgeable. Everyone involved at Ugly Duckling are amazing people! I am grateful for my nail tech Steph Mercer for directing in the right path for school! I highly recommend Ugly Duckling Nails to anyone who is looking to become a nail tech!   -MARCY MCCLURE (facebook review)

*****The Ugly Duckling team have been wonderful in answering my many questions. The level of support and friendliness is truly amazing, particularly for a new tech like myself. The products live up to the claims from the beautiful brushes to the fab Ugly Duckling gel polishes; and if that's not enough, they all come packaged in the most gorgeous packaging I've seen! Great product & superior customer support are two things I value as a new tech, and this company delivers on all fronts!    -SUSAN LECERF  (facebook review)

*****The Ugly Duckling team is such an amazing group of ladies and I couldn't be more thrilled to support such a kick ass business who treats their customers with so much respect.   -VIKI CURR  (nail tech connection)

***** I felt compelled to write you after having met Christina & Natasha and having taken their class at the Nail Masters Canada show. For me, what propelled me to fly from Toronto to Saskatoon was the Opportunity to meet and learn from the little Ducklings! 

The only negative feedback I have is that they live in BC and I'm in Ontario!!! I want to adopt them.  They are so sweet and caring coupled with killer skills! They give 100% of themselves to everyone. They are patient and offer wonderful encouragement to all.  Such dedication is rare and needs to be acknowledged and praised. 
The class was absolutely fantastic, even though I believe it was a bit above my skill level. The tips & techniques given will be extremely helpful toward improving and growing my nail business. 
The ladies are a total class act!  In my opinion they rank among the top nail techs in Canada!  I'm sure you're used to hearing accolades galore about these two, but I believe it's important to convey these feelings to you, their boss. I only wish I could work along side you all. Your corporate culture would have been a perfect fit for me. Strong work ethic with a caring heart. I told the girls your company slogan says it all. You're totally invested in your customers' success. I hope you and I may meet one day too. I am a total Ugly Duckling convert. If you ever think about distributing in Ontario...
 So, in conclusion, I want you to know that these two ladies are as good as it gets. I love everything about your company and it was the best day for my nail business when I stumbled upon the Ugly Duckling  product line. As a customer you make me feel so valued and appreciated. For that, you will always have my business, and I'll share this opinion on all my social media. 
Thank you for the support and love and please take care of my little Ducklings. 
I miss them already!!! 


*****I discovered Yvonne, Christina, and Natasha at a time 3 years ago when I had almost given up on the nail industry.  I was at a stand still with my skill level and very disheartened by the level of competitiveness in the beauty world.

It was very hard for me to find a company or educator who's MAIN goal was to help you improve and encourage you to compete with only yourself. So many others looked at me like a dollar sign and I could feel the vibes. But with Ugly Duckling  the vibe was very different... and I noticed it instantly.

By taking just one course with them, my confidence improved to the point where I felt comfortable charging what I was worth.  My skill level improved to the point where now difficult nail beds are my favorite as opposed to fearing them.
Christina Cronk is a master educator and  she stands up to the name. Her teaching methods are very thorough yet relaxed which is very ideal for someone with test anxiety such as myself.

I have watched the Dynamic Duo teach a few times and they make sure everyone feels included and are always making the room laugh ( mostly at their own expense ?)  it's an amazing environment to learn new art skills as Natasha Harton and Christina Cronk  give it all they've got because your success is TRULY their reward

The day that got my first shipment of Ugly Duckling nail supplies in the mail felt like Christmas.  From the brushes filled with Swarovski crystals, the adorable chic polish bottles, and sleek black acrylic jars. I was hooked on the look! ( as are my clients). When it was time to try the product out it was obvious why this product came in premium packaging.  The acrylic was extremely easy to apply!  The gel polish is incredibly pigmented and works so well for art!  my favorite item so far is the matte top coat... I had tried several different ones and I was starting to give up hope. Then Ugly Duckling came along!

The best part  about the Ugly Duckling product  is the people who decide what to add to the line  also do nails on a daily basis. I like this because they use the product themselves and they know what we need. Too many company's these days make a product because it's popular or makes money without even testing it or knowing how to use it.

I feel that in so many ways Ugly Duckling was the right choice for me because they believe in Quality over Quantity and our success is truly their reward.

I finally found a product line that is perfectly balanced with beauty on the inside and out. They helped an ugly duckling such as myself blossom into a talented acrylic tech. And I am forever great full ♡   -KARLEE VAN MILL

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