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Unbelievable strength and durability! Your natural nail clients will love you even more that they already do! Same great product - with an adorable new name!

    Application Procedures
    1. Have your client thoroughly wash & dry their hands. Lightly push back the proximal fold with our Ugly Duckling Cuticle Tool or C-Curve Tool.
    2. Gently Etch the nail plate with our Ugly Duckling Medium Zebra File. If you prefer using our e-file, a Medium Arbor Sanding Band works great!
    3. Remove all dust - dust is the enemy! Do not use a cleanser, as most cleansers contain oil. Do not use acetone or alcohol either as these products can smooth the surface of the nail plate too much.
    4. Apply Ugly Duckling Prep to all 10 nails.
    5. Apply Ugly Duckling Primer to all 10 nails.
    6. Apply 1 thin coat of Build-A-Base in Clear to the nail plate and fully cure in your Ugly Duckling LED Gel Lamp for 60 seconds.
    7. Continue to apply additional coats for added strength, or build structure on the nail with your desired Build-A-Base color of choice, or use as a base to sculpt your Acrygel or Sculpting Gel enhancements over. Fully cure in your Ugly Duckling LED Gel Lamp for 60 seconds.
    8. If application is not as smooth as you would like, finish file with an Ugly Duckling Medium grit Premium Zebra File or if you prefer an e-file, a Medium grit Arbor Sanding Band works great! Finish with your favorite Ugly Duckling Gel Polish or Color Gel.
    Q: What is the difference between your gel base products: Natural Base and Build-A-Base?
    A: Great question! Both base gels are wonderful for an added adhesion layer when sculpting with our Premium Sculpting Gel or Acrygel systems. They also both work great for a base under our Gel Polish and Color Gel systems over natural nails or to apply our Tipeez Tips with! The main difference between the two is their viscosity: Natural Base is a medium viscosity, formulated to be used as a base gel under gel polish, color gel, sculpting gel and acrygel. Build-A-Base is thicker in viscosity and although it is formulated for the similar uses as Natural Base, Build-A-Base can also be used to repair cracked nails, extend a free edge, or even fully sculpt with! Its a great choice also, for clients who may have naturally soft nails that need a bit of added strength for a natural nail gel polish application.

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