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3D GEL 5ml

3D GEL 5ml

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Add beautiful 3D elements in your nail art with our 3D Gel.  let your imagination run wild!

  • Available in Soft White
  • Mix with UD Gel Polish, Art Gel or Color Gel to create your own shades 
  • Sculpt at your own pace - your design isn't finished until you cure it!

3D gel hardens over time when exposed to the air and light.  Be sure to use your Duck Paddle to scoop what you need, and then replace the cap right away.

Application Procedures
  1. Over a finish filed nail, or over the inhibition layer of cured Gel Polish or Color Gel, begin to sculpt your design using our Premium Nail Art 3D brush or Silicone Tools.
  2. Once you've completed your design, fully cure in the Ugly Duckling LED Lamp for 60 seconds.
  3. Seal the nail with your choice of Ugly Duckling Top Coat and cure for 60 seconds in the Ugly Duckling LED Lamp. You may seal the 3D element(s) if you'd like, but doing so may "soften" the appearance of details pressed/sculpting into the product. If you choose not to seal the 3D gel, simply cleanse the 3D Gel element with Gel Cleanse.
Q: What should I use to keep the 3D gel from sticking to my brush or silicone tool while sculpting?
A: If you are sculpting on top of a finish filed nail, or creating a 4D element (like one of Chrystacle's beautiful 4D roses!) we suggest using a bit of water to keep the product from sticking to your brush or silicone tool. Using alcohol or Gel Cleanse can actually soften the product and make it hard to work with.

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