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Our Premium Kolinsky Acrylic Brushes are individually hand crafted with the finest Kolinsky Sable available. The beautiful genuine crystal handles will dazzle your customers as they sparkle while you work.

  • Chemical resistant handle
  • Crimped ferrule, creating a flatter belly
  • Evenly dispense liquid into powder for smoother application
  • Perfect smile lines, cuticle applications & fill maintenance
  • Matching brush cap included


Q: Why am I noticing some discoloration on my acrylic enhancements?
A: There are many possible contributing factors as to why acrylic enhancements may discolor. Typically discoloration occurs with exposure to certain beauty products (brozners, self tanners, etc.), sometimes while cooking and using certain spices. Discoloration can also occur if the monomer you are using has been contaminated previously with colored acrylic, or if there is a build up of old acrylic & monomer in your sculpting brush which can discolor the new product as you're working with it. We always suggest cleaning your brush as much as possible while working to avoid creating a build up of product within the brush head. As a last resort, if Brush Cleaner is needed, it is imperative that the brush is thoroughly cleaned prior to using again. Shampoo and rinse brush bristles thoroughly before working the brush in a clean dish of fresh monomer to recondition the brush. Storing your brush on it's side, or hanging with the brush head facing downward is best. Never store your brush with the brush head facing upward, as residual monomer can seep into the ferrule of the brush (the metal part that holds the bristles secure) which can eventually break down the glue and rust the inside of the ferrule which can be a contributing factor to acrylic discoloration.

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